How many days Plan ?

You require to spend at least 1.5 days at the Resort to have any meaningful holiday. And we do not accept booking for a period shorter than this. Most groups spend 2-4 days.

Following is a list of various alternatives, durations and recommended starting time. Half day programs are shown in pink and 1 day programs in yellow. You can make any suitable combination of these totalling up to 1.5 to 4 days.

Alternatively, you can just plain relax for a day or two at the Resort. In addition, there's a library, games room, and a music room where you can spend your leisure time.



Recommended time


Arrival, tea or meals and some relaxation.

Lunch or evg. tea


Visit to a local sightseeing point. Possible swim in the backwaters of a small dam.

After evening tea

2 hrs.
Forest picnic, visit to historic Pawankhind. This is a must, if you ask us !!

After breakfast

Whole day

Visit to Marleshwar, a beautiful spot at 54 km in Konkan area down the Ambaghat.

After lunch

Half a day

Visit to Ganpatipul, a sea beach and famous temple. Additional option : Visit to Pawas Ashram. Distance 96 Km, 2 hrs from Resort. 

After breakfast
Half or full day

Visit to Panhala historic fort, and then to nearby Kohapur city.

After lunch

Half a day

Trek through thick forest to mountain top, gradual ascent, possible for children as well.

After bed tea

Half a day

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