How's the Food ?

Here you get a respite from the usual 'Palak Paneer' and 'Dal fry' type of 'Ghissa-pita' menu.

The food here is tasty Maharashtrian style, and portions are unlimited. Apart from Maharshtrian Basundi-Puri, you can also enjoy the famous Kolhapuri ‘Mutton, Pandhra and Tambda Rassa’ combination or the ‘Zunka-Bhakar-Baingan Bharta-Mirchi Thecha’ variety.

Any one meal – normally the evening one – is nonveg - for those who want it.

There is no a-la-carte menu system but a fixed menu for all the residents of the Resort for that day.




Our package consists of morning bed tea/coffee, breakfast with tea/coffee, lunch, evening tea/coffee, dinner and stay for a day.

Anybody observing religious fast ( Upavaasa ) can be given special menu if informed earlier.

Check-in check-out times are 11-11 a.m. or 5-5 p.m..

The water is sweet, ultra-soft, and clean.

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