How's the weather at present ?


Well, it's Monsoon and our's is a catchment area. So by definition, we get lots of rain.

Typically, rains are spread over the season as shown below :


However, a disclaimer ..

(Unfortunately, as per the prevailing media norms, we have to state it in unreadably small print !! )

Warning ! Attention !! Achtung !!! This is only a broad pattern. The Gods of Rain have been behaving like crazy past few years. Even our report a day before arrival could be misleading. It may be bright sunshine one day and a heavy cloudburst the next day. The resort Management shall not ne liable for any loss or inconvenience faced by patrons due to above weather guidelines which are only indicative in nature. All disputes arising thereoff will have to be settled within the jurisdiction of Pune court ...blah blah blah .... blah blah blah ... forget it, we are just joking ! If you can read this, you will certainly enjoy the rains anyway..


We are ready for the Monsoon.

Are you ?

People have been enjoying the season. And so can you, if you have the right mentality.

Come prepared with raincoats/umbrellas, for local use within the Resort campus. Outside excursions are meant for enjoying the rains; specially if you prefer to sit on the carrier !

We recommend sandles meant for rainy season instead of usual canvas shoes. The shoes get soaked and become heavier by 1 kg each; take 2 days to dry up.


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