Special Instructions !


Bring both room slippers for local use and canvas shoes for longer excursions.


Bring caps, sunglasses, a torch and your personal medicines; if any. We can store them in our freezer if you want.


Ladies should bring one or two Punjabi dresses convenient for riding on carrier and for jungle walk. They are also useful for any water encounter.


We do not have permit rooms. Permit holders can enjoy their drinks in their rooms, balconies and open sit-outs near their rooms, but should not do these activities in public places such as the dining hall, games room etc.

Alcoholic beverages are available in the local shop in the village. Please note our staff shall not purchase these for you; do not ask them for this service. Beers, you get most of the standard brands but for hard liquors we recommend you bring your own stuff.


Note we have an open air lawned auditorium with stage, sound system, CD player and accompanying instruments such as Tabla, Tanpura etc. We even have few Karaoke cassets and lyric booklets for many popular songs.

Every evening we encourage guests to make use of these facilities to display their talents. You can sing, dance, play instruments, do mimicry, perform acting skits, narrate stories, tell jokes ...anything. It's a free format forum meant for amateures and professionals alike. Ideal for family picnics, games etc.

So come prepared to contribute to this daily event !

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