The Resort and accommodation

The main point to note is : This is a 'Group' Resort, i.e., you have to come in groups larger than 6 members minimum, and 140 maximum. Most of our visitors come in groups of 12-16 persons.

The resort has 3 bedded, 4 bedded and 6 bedded rooms, totalling up to 140 beds in 35 rooms. Each has attached toilet and bath, with 24 hours solar heater water supply.

But because of the 'only groups' policy, one room per family is not guaranteed. Rooms with total beds numbering equal to or more than your group strength are allotted exclusively to your group; internal roomwise allocation is left to you.

Each room has individual veranda, plus large sitout for each cluster of rooms; where your whole group can assemble comfortably.

Beautiful pathways and natural surroundings. This is by no means a posh a 'star' resort, but the ambience is much more relaxing.

The Dormitory, ideally suited for a close-knit family or friends' group. It is a spacious and aerated room, with a capacity of 21 beds. Your group can play 'Kabaddi' or 'Garba' inside it.

It has 3 ladies and 2 gents' toilets and a urinal; attached but separate from each other.

The Dorm is always exclusively allotted, meaning no other person from any other group is allotted any bed in it..

There are children play areas and games rooms equipped with T.T. table, cricket set, carrom boards, badminton sets etc.

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